Country of destination: PORTUGAL

Place: Sao MIguel Island – Ponta Delgada

Language : English

Course objectives:

Advance your skill-set and develop practical and theoretical knowledge as an educator while you gain the skills to design and analyze course curriculum in your field of expertise. Apply the principles of environmental education to create a customized project

  • Plan, create and assess a pilot course with support from the instructor and your peers
  • Creation of an integrated methodology enforcing positive values in environmental education .
  • Implementation of hands on  methodology for environmental education with schoolchildren from 5 to 18 years old
  • Outdoor learning applied to the promotion of positive educational values through the practice of sport.
  • Enhance  student’s mental, emotional, physical, and social development through a well-defined curriculum

Course Methodology :

Our courses, developed in the framework established by the Erasmus+ Programme, are crafted to include both formal and non-formal education methodologies. Starting with a theoretical approach to the theme of the course, we proceed with non-formal learning strategies in order to guarantee and stimulate an active contribution from the participants involved. In practice, we use: 


Day 1 – “Reception day”

19:00 Evening online meetings “Presentation of the course” “Outdoor education for growing minds”

Day 2 – “Environmental values of the Nordeste”

19:00 Evening online meeting(1.5h): “Good practices in Outdoor Ed. – Forest School”

Day 3 – “Botanical resources of Furnas area”

19:00 Evening online meeting(1.5h): “Outdoor activities safety toolkit”

Day 4 – Conservation and sustainability”

16:00 Evening online meetings (1.5 h) “Reflections on the Portuguese EducativeSystem”

Day 5 – “Lakes and forests, wildlife sanctuaries”

19:00 Evening online meeting (1.5 h) “100 years of outdoor Ed.- the scout experience””

Day 6 – “Landscape and heritage interpretation”

16:00 Evening online meetings “Schools ́ presentations”

Day 7 – 8th “Departure day”

10:0 Morning Online Meetings “Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”
“Reflections on the course”


Tuition: 560 €

Organizational costs : 60 € (Include full programme of studies and visits as described above)

                                                    TOTAL: 620 €


  • Canyoning in Noreste                  60 €
  • Whale watching Ponta Delgada  50 €


JULY 2nd – 8th. 2023


  1. To ensure efficient use of institutional resources, New Teaching Resources has established 8 participants as minimum class size.
  2. No type of deposit will be requested until one month before the course. If this is not done, the amount will be returned in full to the participant organization.
  3. During the development of the activities, it will be mandatory to follow the safety and hygiene protocols set by the Portuguese health authority at that time.
  4. Course dates and agenda may vary depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic does, we advise not to buy tickets until the course deposit has been paid.
  5. The wild condition of San Miguel Island means that sometimes activities cannot be carried out as planned, the organization will develop a safer plan in this case for participants.
  6. The availability of accommodation in is very limited, we recommend pages as booking or airbnb to make your reservations. Moreover,  we do encourage our participants to book as soon as possible choosing the free cancellation option.
  7. Despite Portugal being one of the 27 countries in which the European Health Card is valid, we do recommend our participants to take private travel insurance.